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The essence of such games is simple: players are given access to two blocks of control keys, which allows them to independently activate each character and play without interfering with each other on the same PC (or over the web). Two storylines are possible – competition and team play. In the first case, the players strive to win and make every effort to defeat the opponent. In the second situation, gamers work together – the two of them go through the levels, combine their abilities and skills to overcome the obstacles and receive deserved rewards.

Games for two have been popular for a long time and there are all kinds of them available online. Boys will enjoy gripping combats on various maps, battles for the flag and thrilling military missions. Girls will have an opportunity to plunge into fun adventures, go on a perfect shopping tour with a girlfriend, have fun at virtual parties and engage in fascinating stories for any age. You can take part in wild races where you have to be really ‘fast and furious’ to gain victory against a real person rather than the computer AI. Or experience the thrill of fights for two sparring of various difficulty levels, practicing special moves and attacks and struggling until the enemy is unconditionally defeated.

Some games for two have already gone down in history. Everyone has probably heard about the famous Fire and Water series that is a multilevel that inviting you on an exciting journey across ancient tombs, abandoned castles and mysterious shrines in search of treasures. To find all the gems and get through all the traps, the two characters must work together and join their unique powers. Games for two are an exciting and relaxing pastime that you can enjoy together with your friend. Whether you choose to cooperate or compete, it’s surely going to be fun!

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