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If you dream of your own car, imagine yourself as a desperate racer conquering the best high-speed tracks, or an experienced mechanic who can fix any malfunctions – our amazing car games will definitely become your favorite category! They allow you to really find out what it’s like to drive all sorts of vehicles, from racing bolides to heavy trucks. Choose the best model, overcome numerous obstacles and earn the honorary title of King of the Roads!

These games are sure to give you dizzying emotions and a powerful adrenaline rush. If you are a fan of speed and dangerous winding tracks, you are welcome to try your hand at a great number of crazy races. Realistic graphics and physics, the spirit of competition and incredible prizes are waiting for you here. If you are looking for a more meaningful pastime completing various missions and doing something useful, you can get behind the wheel of fire trucks, ambulances, police or rescue vehicles, as well as a real armored army jeep. And if you want to know how the internal mechanisms work, then you will be completely delighted with crash tests, replacing parts under the hood and virtually upgrading an unremarkable car into a real road monster.

Playing car games is very exciting and interesting, and you can fully hone your skills as a car enthusiast! Everything looks very plausible and the controls are replicated with great care. There are even driving and parking simulators that will allow you to learn the nuances of handling a real vehicle which can actually be helpful in real life. Can you hear the roaring of the engine? Do you feel the call of the road? Then don’t wait any further, hop into the car of your choice and push the gas! There are plenty of trials and challenges ahead of you – and incredible rewards if you are capable to cope with them!

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