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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

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Poppy Playtime is a horror survival game, in which the action takes place in an abandoned toy factory, where toys are ready to kill you. Players have to covertly solve several problems and try to get out of there as possible as quickly. If you do not complete the tasks, you will fall into a trap.

The keys opening the doors are very important here. Players need to search for keys but it is quite difficult to find keys. Your task is to instantly explore all hidden places and keys. Also, in different places, there are different tools available to help you emerge victorious in this game.

After having entered the toy factory, you will have at your disposal an unusual tool, a suit that allows you to take objects at a distance using a special design, draw electricity, and do numerous unusual manipulations with objects from the environment. Almost the entire gameplay will be based on the use of this costume. So put on a suit and go forward to adventure…

As for the gameplay, it is based primarily on the exploration of a huge factory facility. The players needs to explore the factory up and down, open all the doors, find out what is in each of its premises, visit all the corridors, and even the basement. In most cases, in order to enter certain rooms, you will need to look for a way to open them, which, in fact, is the main difficulty. To open the next door, you should solve puzzles, guess riddles, collect various objects, and much more. Plus, you will not be alone in the factory. The revived toys will chase you and try to kill you. Be careful.

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